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Sheila Lim


Junwen is a very sincere and genuine financial advisor who provides useful information about financial planning. It has been a fruitful and fulfilling session talking to him.

Samantha Tiong

Marketing Lead

Junwen is a very friendly, honest and understanding person. He upholds his standard and always looking for self improvement! Meet him and you will be inspired!

Audrey Ong

Ex RWS Manager

I had met many advisors from different company over the years, including having a very good advisor from another company serving my needs. However Junwen had showed me his values and thus made me decide to take up his recommendation.

Junwen understood my needs, patiently asked a lot questions and he never rushed into conclusions. He is passionate in his work that make me took the policy he recommended.

Thank you Junwen and keep up the great job!

Esperanza Lim Shu Hui


Junwen has made my insurance sign up and insurance claims a breeze. He is a very responsible financial consultant and has been able to give me recommendations based on my current financial abilities and needs.

He is a financial consultant that is willing to go the extra mile when I am in need of advice on the policies I signed He is always very reachable and has not made me feel that I signed up with someone who only cares about numbers. From his service to me thus far, I can tell that he is more than just a financial consultant, he is a financial consultant that truly cares about his client. I have had previous experience where I signed up for an insurance and the agent was hardly reachable and gave me the feeling that he is trying to push away or cannot be bothered about my enquiries. Junwen on the other hand has proven himself to be not just responsible, but his service is indeed commendable. He ensured my claims are processed quickly and effortlessly from the start to finish.

I strongly recommend anybody who has insurance/ financial needs to come to him.

Jay Fah

Sales and Marketing Manager

Junwen is a passionate man that will go the extra miles for his clients. His specialization of portfolio management adds tremendous value to his clients.

Soni Bhojwani

Managing Director

Junwen is a person who has a clear definition of what he wants.He is very committed to assisting his clients and their well-being is his final goal. A highly motivated individual.

Chris Zheng


Junwen is a very sincere & diligent financial advisor, and I've always enjoy working with him. He is very forthcoming with his thoughts & opinions, and is very open to listening & hearing more about me.
I am confident of a lifelong working relationship with Junwen!

Giselle Suroto


Junwen is a very hardworking and highly motivated person, he always strives to perform his best in anything he does. His strengths are to speak confidently and to relate best to his clients. It has always been a great and fruitful time to be able to talk and chat with him!

Benjamin Choo

Technical Specialist

Junwen is a very hardworking and motivated person, who always strives to perform his best in anything he do.

Junwen never gives up despite of setbacks and obstacles. He always try many ways to reach his goals and surpasses his own limits. He has strong willpower and great determination to reach the peak.

The reasons why I recommend him to people is because he is able to understand his clients’ needs, and able to provide full assistance to his clients in due time. He is also able to speak confidently with no hurdle.

Tay Xin Yi

Junwen has our best interests in mind. He is trustworthy and provides excellent service. I normally dread dealing with the complicated procedures of insurance but Junwen has made it easy and painless. All thanks to him I have myself covered and protected.

Jolene Goh

Senior Estate Planner

Junwen is passionate about helping millennial to design their lives, empower them to live a life of abundance. He is desire to assist them in mapping out their financial blue print to help them achieve financial success in life.

Joel Lim

Sales Executive

Junwen has a good grasp and knowledge of his products. He is well prepared, articulate and able to provide good strategic advice to his clients. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking at doing some financial, retirement and life planning.

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